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How to Choose Your Surgeon

Choosing a surgeon for your surgery is an important milestone to be crossed during the course of your treatment. Several factors should be considered when choosing a surgeon.

Deciding on a surgeon for your procedure may involve several of the following considerations:

  • Surgeon’s skill and expertise
    To feel comfortable with your surgeon’s skill and expertise, we encourage you to review the surgeon’s background, including training and certifications.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with your doctor
    Apart from your surgeon’s qualifications, it is important for you to feel comfortable discussing any questions or concerns. We welcome all questions and strive to educate all patients on their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Convenient location
    Many prefer to have surgery and follow-up care close to home. Dr. Oh operates and meets with patients at multiple facilities.
  • Previous patients’ experiences
    Try speaking directly to the patients whom the surgeon has previously treated. Ask about their experience and treatment outcome. Please see the patient testimonial section of our website to see what our patients say about us.
  • Second Opinion
    You can always seek a second opinion once a treatment plan has been recommended. This may serve to expose you to other options or help confirm the recommended treatment. We would gladly discuss other options; you may receive and discuss our rationale in making our recommendations.
  • Support Groups
    Support Groups may prove to be beneficial as they assist and provide a good source of advice from other patients.

Dr. Luke S. Oh is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and fellowship trained in performing surgeries for sports conditions of elbow, shoulder and knee. Dr. Oh specializes in treatment of arthroscopic surgery and complex reconstructive surgery of shoulder, elbow, and knee, total shoulder and elbow replacements, shoulder and elbow fracture surgery, knee ligament (ACL) reconstruction, meniscus surgery and cartilage restoration. He has vast experience in performing the surgeries for shoulder, elbow and knee conditions.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Luke S. Oh for enquiries and appointment.

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